The Fulbright Program in Uruguay

In Uruguay, the Fulbright Program was established in 1960 with the signing of a Treaty between the Government of Uruguay and the Government of the United States of America, which created the Fulbright Commission.

The Fulbright Commission is composed of American and Uruguayan citizens. It is honorary chaired by the U.S. Ambassador and its president is the Public Affairs Officer of the same embassy. The Fulbright Commission administers the program locally and ensures neutrality and impartiality in the selection process. At the same time, since it is a binational commission, it pursues a more efficient administration of the program, bearing in mind what is more convenient for the needs and resources of the country as well as taking care that the candidates and academic institutions are qualified to participate.  

Every year, the Board determines the programs to be announced as well as the eligibility requirements for applicants.
A Fulbright grantee stands out from among its peers as the "best and the brightest", with excellent academic and/or artistic qualifications and therefore deserves to be honored with a grant to study, teach or research abroad. A Fulbright grantee has the capacity and motivation to compete with his/her international peers.

For all the above mentioned reasons, the Commission seeks to have as Fulbrighters persons who really understand and empathize with these ideas, and who are committed to return to Uruguay to put in practice here what they have studied in the United States and who are willing to see their experience as a tie that will keep them linked forever to a Commission that looks, through its grants, to contribute to mutual understanding between both countries.

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