Becarios ANII



Berlangieri, Soledad MS Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science University of Arkansas
Ferreyro, Sebastian PhD in Mechanical Engineering Pennsylvania State University
Hernandez, Guzman PhD Physicis New York University
Maciel, Fernanda PhD Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Medina, Ignacio MS Education Technology Buffalo State University
Monteverde, Eliana PhD Breeding and Genetics Cornell University
Mussio, Irene PhD in Natural Resource Economics University of Massachusetts Amherst
Pais, Jorge Master of Science in Computer Science Northeastern University
Pereyra, Mariana PhD Science Education University of North Carolina
Pizzo, Lucilla PhD Molecular Medicine Pennsylvania State University
Pons, Maite PhD Aquatic and Fishery Sciences University of Washington
Sanchez, Rodrigo MBA UC Berkeley
Silveira, Agustin MFA in Screenwriting New York Film Academy
Vilariño, Marcela PhD Animal Biology UC Davis
Carlos, Andrés M.S.Ed. in Foundations of Education Northern Illinois University
Lenzi, Javier PhD study in Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology Purdue University
Olivera, Verónica MPA study in International Development Harvard University
Parodi, Cecilia MS-MBA study in Operations & Technology Management Boston University
Sardi, Diego MFA study ir Creative Producing Columbia College University
Varela, Sebastián PhD study in Geography Kansas State University
Villar, Andrea MCE study in Civil Engineering North Carolina State University
Bonilla, Braulio PhD., study in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate University of Pittsburgh
Castera, Melissa MEM study in Environmental Management Yale University
Cibils, Camila MA Study in Journalism City University of New York
De los Santos, Jorge PhD Biotecnology
Dutto, Martin MBA study in Business Administration George Washington University
Figueras, Cristian MBA study in Business Administration Rochester Institute of Technology
Garcia Pintos, Alfonso MBB study in Biomanufatcturing and Bioprocessing University of Georgia
Garcia, Mateo Ph.D. study in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Texas A&M University
Gonzalez, Silvana Ph.D. study in School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences University of Washington
Harreguy, Ma. Belen PSM study in Biotechnology University of South Florida
Lasa, Miguel MS study in Robotics Engineering Worcester Polytechnic Insititute
Lopez, Agustin MEng study in Engineering Management Cornell University
Olivera, Hernan MFA study in Cinema Directing Columbia College University
Pereira, Juan Ignacio MPP study in Public Policy University of Chicago
Segantini, Marcos PhD in Public Studies Clemson University
Sosa, Carolina MFA study in Documentary Filmmaking New York Film Academy
Texeira, Nicolas MPA study in Public Administration State University of New York at Albany
Torterolo, Sebastian MBA study in Business Administration Yale University
Voulminot, Carlos MFR study in Forestry and Natural Resources University of Georgia
Botto, German PhD in Life Sciences (Molecular Biosciences Program) Montana State University
Capurro, Maria Cristina Ph.D. study in Soil and Crop Sciences Colorado State University
Cohen, Lucía MA in Political Communication program American University
Coli, Sheila EdD in Curriculum and Instruction Northern Illinois University
De Maria, Maite PhD Physiological Science University of Florida
Ferreira, Carolina MC/MPA study in Mid-Career Public Administration Harvard University
Frechou, Agustina PhD study in Biomedical Sciences Yeshiva University
Gomez de Freitas, Guillermo MS study in Engineering Mechanics Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Guillamon, Joaquín MS study in Natural Gas Engineering Texas A&M University
Klot, Joaquín MPA study  in International Development Harvard University
Marquez, Adrián MA study in Economic History University of Cincinnati
Nuñez, Agustín Ph.D. study in Soil and Crop Sciences Colorado State University
Porto, Camila MA in Economics Northeastern University
Silva, Maria Paula Ph.D. study in Genetics Kansas State University
Soca, Lucía MPA Middlebury Institute of International Studies
Tosar, Santiago ME study in Sustainable Engineering University of Maryland,
Veroli, Victoria PhD in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate Program University of Pittsburgh
Auyanet, Sebastián MA study in Social Journalism City University of New York
Beltrame, Enrique Master of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing Design Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bobba, Natalia Ph.D. Program in Nutritional and Metabolic Biology Columbia University
Ferreira, Romina Master of International Economics and Finance Johns Hopkins Univeristy
Figliolo, Luciana Global Social Sustainable & Enterprise MBA Colorado State University
Folgar, Leandro Master of Education Program in Technology, Innovation and Education Harvard University
Guerra, Jose Ignacio MBA Duke University
Scavone, Martin MS in Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering Virginia Tech
Scavone, Rossana Master of Science in Chemical Engineering University of Washington
Uranga, Martin PhD Program in Sustainable Forest Management Oregon State University
Berchesi, Agustina EdM Study in School Leadership Harvard University
Beux, Cecilia MBA Study in Business Administration with focus in Logistics University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Castelli, Sofia MS Study in Drug Discovery and Development Drexel University
Curiel, Manuel MS Study in Energy Systems Northeastern University
Gonzalez, Nicolas MS Study in Electrical and Computer Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology
Montti, Oriana PhD Study in International Economics & Finance with focus on Health Economics Brandeis University
Pisani, Mikaela MS Study in Data Science Texas Tech University
Ramirez, Maria Cecilia PhD degree program in Organizational and Policy Studies University of Washington, College of Education
Serrano, Nicolás MS Study in Secure Computing Indiana University, Bloomington
Simeto, Sofía PhD Study in Plant Pathology University of Minnesota
Varela, Gonzalo MFA Music Composition for the Screen Columbia College Chicago